The Santosha Life Approach to Yoga

We believe that yoga is for everyBODY regardless of age, flexibility, ability or fitness level. Our students feel accepted and included and we welcome everyone with open arms. We help our students to reconnect their minds with their bodies, which allows them to remember their true, authentic selves.

Within the playground of yoga, Santosha Life helps their students to become mindful of old beliefs, habits and patterns. This renewed awareness allows them to facilitate growth and change and arrive to a place of enhanced self-awareness, self-love and acceptance of who they are.

We teach Hatha Yoga classes (beginners, levels 1 & 2), Gentle Flow Yoga, Corporate Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Teen Yoga, Prenatal Yoga and Yoga for Recovery.

Guitar music, Reiki healing and/or crystal bowl sound healing can be included in any class.

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Hi Anusheh,

I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the yoga sessions on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. I started attending when I saw the posters around the office about how yoga can counteract the strains of running. After attending several sessions, I know this to be true.

On the weeks I practice yoga, I can also do the ActiveX workouts Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, as well as the Tuesday and Thursday trail runs.
On the weeks I’m unable to practice yoga, due to a busier schedule, by Thursday my body is much more stressed, fatigued, and I don’t perform well on the trail run, if at all.

This week was another great test – we’ve had exceptionally challenging ActiveX workouts this week (Arch will testify), yet after practicing yoga Tuesday and Thursday, I was able to perform well on a 4.9 mile trail run today.

Thanks again!

Bret L.
I love practicing yoga with Anusheh. Anusheh has a calming and positive presence about her. Her classes are challenging, yet she has a unique ability to include and consider students of all skill levels.

Anusheh doesn’t just show her students how to do yoga, she explains the benefits of poses in a way that everyone can understand – she is truly an inspiring and encouraging teacher.


Christina H.
I write this coming from a place of upmost sincerity and gratitude in having discovered such a wonderful yoga instructor, Anusheh Chavez.

I have been practicing yoga for over two years and seek those instructors that truly embody mind, body and spirit in their teaching. Anusheh has exuded those qualities from my very first class with her. Her positive energy, beautiful style and encouragement keeps me returning time and time again. Anusheh guides her students with natural ease and grace.

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend a live music class taught by Anusheh with Steve Gold. Anusheh choreographed perfect poses to flow in synchronicity with the music. I left class that day experiencing a new level of bliss in my practice.

Words only touch the surface of attending a yoga class taught by Anusheh. Those who attend her class experience a wonderful gift which keeps us all returning for more.


Jen S.
A few years back I kept getting injured while surfing so I decided to give yoga a try strictly for the physical benefits. I soon found the spiritual benefits being much more important to me than the physical which is why I love practicing with you so much. I can go to any class and get a good stretch, but after a class with you I often find myself in a state of utter bliss. Your sprit truly shines when you teach and I feel honored to bask in its glow.
Dave V.
Anusheh’s classes always manage to take me somewhere, whether that be 1,000 miles away from my problems that I walked in the door with or to a fuller/deeper expression of a posture I had never reached before, or introducing me to a new pose, series, or way of thinking. And sometimes all three happen in just one class.

Anusheh has an amazing spirit that is truly transformational, you can’t help but change and grow and open up to whatever is presented in front of you during class. She finds the secret sauce of any great Yoga Instructor by providing you with a physically challenging workout, deep relaxation, and expansion of your mind body and soul through her interwoven philosophy and pure joy for what she does. It is contagious.

I would recommend Anusheh’s class to anyone, beginner or advanced.

Thank you Anusheh for all that you do!


Jessica B.
I’ve been practicing yoga for 5 years now. I’ve gone to different studios and took classes from various yoga instructors. I must say your classes are very special to me.

I like the way you structure your class. It is important to sit down and connect the breath with body and mind. It helps to get into the mood and enjoy yoga to the fullest.

You hold good pace for the duration of the class and the combinations of asana you select seem to work every muscle in the body. Thank you for the reminder to keep breathing during our practice. I tend to hold my breath during difficult poses and your reminder really helps. I like the fact that you challenge us, but never in a pushy manner. Thank you inviting us to try new poses. You never know what you’re capable of unless you try, right?

Thank you soooooo much for the wonderful yoga experience.

Looking forward to our next class together.

I was fortunate enough to first take my first class with Anusheh almost 2 years ago and have been going to as many of her classes as possible. Unlike many other instructors that just go through the motions, Anusheh brings more each class. She has a passion and love for the practice and gladly shares it with her students. Her enthusiasm comes through in the music she chooses to play or when showing us something new she discovered at a recent retreat. I might go into class with the burdens of the day still with me but leave feeling refreshed, renewed.

I have been so lucky to find a great instructor but also a wonderful friend. She is an amazing woman whose light and love extend beyond the yoga mat.

Anusheh is an amazing teacher who has a beautiful presence. I personally enjoy that Anusheh’s classes offer an emphasis on strength building and increasing flexibility, while intertwining the emotional and spiritual aspects of yoga. Anusheh offers a wonderful element of humor and fun to her practice. She always leads her class with kindness and grace. Anusheh creates a compassionate atmosphere and allows her students to freely explore their own practice. I am privileged to be a student of Anusheh and I would highly recommend her yoga classes for all levels of students.
Karen S.
Anusheh Chavez created an amazing experience for our employees through her yoga practice. Her style of teaching welcomed all types and achieved one of the most important aspect of corporate employee engagement inclusion. I’d recommend her for any company wishing to offer their employees the benefits of mind/body connection.
Arch Fuston, Creator/Director, ACTIVEx
I have known Anusheh for over a year and found her yoga classes to be a healthy, spiritual part of my exercise regime on a weekly basis. I have taken many classes with various teachers but always come back to my favorite instructor. I feel the benefits from her class because of the emphasis on flow. She has a gentle voice and knows when to be quite during Shavasana so that students can enjoy the full benefit of relaxation.

Recently, Anusheh donated her time and taught a class for the women in the recovery center where I currently work. The women enjoyed her class and expressed their gratitude for her time and education she shared with them.

Anusheh is a dedicated yoga instructor, giving of her time and affection to those she teaches. She is willing to help those who need it and often will spend time with individuals after classe to show correct position and answer questions.

Donna Jensen
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